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Art Therapy: Mandala Coloring

Choose a ready-made template from those that are available on the Internet, or purchase a book of mandalas from a bookstore.

How to choose “your” mandala?

Listen to yourself, to your inner feelings and ask yourself: “Is this the same mandala and that I want to color?” If the answer is “Yes”, then you will feel a surge of strength and a desire to do something further. This means that the Universe gives you energy to fill this picture.

When you decide on a template, prepare colored pencils, gel pens or paints – depending on what you want to decorate your mandala with.

You should not start working with a mandala when you are in a bad mood. If you have disturbing thoughts, sit down and meditate for a while to relax and calm your mind.

As you start creating your mandala, state your purpose loudly and clearly. Keeping in mind the image of the desired, proceed to the choice of colors.

If you have a diseased organ, then imagine what color you would draw a healthy one.
If you have problems in your relationship with your spouse, think about what color would be that would bring you resolution of conflict situations.
If you want love, imagine what color it will appear in your mandala.
If you feel a breakdown and lack of energy, think about what color will fill you with vitality and vigor.
If you do not have enough money, remember what color you associate with wealth and prosperity.
Choose colors the way your heart tells you. Don’t look for the right options. Try to be guided only by your intuition.

Don’t worry that a certain color will negatively affect the mandala, its effectiveness, or its effect on you. In fact, your subconscious mind knows better than you what colors you need to work with and what color is best for drawing a particular situation.

If you want, for example, love, then your mandala does not have to be red or pink, with which it is customary to associate this feeling. Perhaps your love will be a blue tint, and this color will work great in a mandala.

You may want to leave unpainted, white areas somewhere – do as you feel. Don’t rely on other people’s opinions. At first, you should not bother yourself with the meaning of the colors in the mandala.

When your mandala is ready, choose a suitable place in the house for it. Now you can absorb the energy from the image you created.