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Holidays… what to do?

Holidays are rest. How not to turn it into everyday hanging in gadgets, to charge the child with energy for the next quarter?
It is necessary to give schoolchildren as many new experiences as possible during the holidays – children really need them such as, because their life during their studies is monotonous: school, home, lessons, classes …
An indicator of a successful vacation will be such a joyful feeling that he lived the time very fun and interesting, he has something to remember and tell his friends. The main thing is not to get hung up on one thing, but to offer the child different ways of spending time. A change of activity is a rest in itself.
It’s great if during this period parents have the opportunity to devote more time to their child and spend it together. By doing something unusual together, something that you rarely do together or don’t do at all. What can we do together:
Just walk in the park, feed the squirrels
Arrange a weekend trip
Organize a photo hunt for…
Prepare a dish: dumplings, pizza, pie, cookies …
Read a or book or write your own and design it
Make a souvenir craft for yourself or someone as a gift
Learn something new: burnout, ice skating, rock climbing