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How does yoga affect pregnancy?

Yoga is an effective way to relieve unpleasant symptoms caused by changes in the body and gently prepare for childbirth. Especially useful during this period are breathing practices and exercises aimed at increasing the mobility of the hip joints.
It is worth doing with the permission of the doctor and taking into account how the pregnancy is going.
In addition, practices in the first weeks of pregnancy and immediately before childbirth will be different. For example, from the second trimester, asanas that are performed on the stomach are contraindicated. Pranayamas with breath holdings (kumbhakas), twisting with an emphasis on the stomach, deep backbends are excluded. In a word, the lesson should be conducted by a specialist who knows how to build it correctly in accordance with the condition of a particular woman.
Contraindications to exercise
Yoga during pregnancy can be a pillar of well-being and prepare the body for a smooth delivery. However, not every woman can do it – there are a number of contraindications that you should pay attention to.
It is worth refraining from classes in the presence of the following pathologies:
hypertension that manifested during pregnancy;
pathology of the cervix;
anomalies in the development of the placenta;
heart and lung diseases;
risk of preterm birth.