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How to develop creative thinking in children

There are different ways to develop a child’s creativity. We will tell you about the most effective including

Build on your child’s development
Creativity appears when a child creates something new. Outwardly, it may seem to you that nothing special happens when the baby builds another tower. But his ideas about the world are different from his parents: today the tower may consist of different blocks, tomorrow – from blocks of the same color. This is a manifestation of creative thinking in children, although you may not notice it.

A vivid example with the pyramid: after mastering the skill of the sequence of circles of the pyramid, at some point the baby begins to deliberately arrange them in a chaotic order and observes whether one block will crawl through another. At this moment, you do not need to correct the child, say how the blocks should be and what their order is.

Learn in a playful way
It is unlikely that any child will be delighted when his mother says: “Sit down, we will do exercises for the development of creative thinking and read” The main tool in this business up to 4-5 years old is a role-playing game or modeling, drawing and designing according to free rules.

During such classes, life situations are modeled that the child lives, finds a way out of them, learns to communicate and prepares for adulthood. Also, a role-playing game helps to express one’s feelings and thoughts through fun, to try on any profession.

At first, the child himself comes up with a simple plot, but in the course of growing up, it resembles a whole production. Also, the baby decides who will be who and what role they will play. It is important for parents to contribute in every possible way to such entertainment: buy the necessary toys or figure out paraphernalia from improvised means and be sure to take part.

The potential of role-playing games is inexhaustible, because any information that you submit is remembered better. Playing the store, you can not only learn the names of products, but also talk about their properties: where they grow and how they are collected. And in the future, you can also study their names in foreign languages.

Leave your child free time
Give children the opportunity to get bored with idleness. Do not overwhelm them with intellectual activities, circles or sections. When a child is free, he has the opportunity to solve the main creative task – what to do with himself. He will need to feel his desires and determine, perhaps, the passion of his life. Do not underestimate this point if you want to develop creative thinking in a student. Due to the long workload in the classroom, children especially need time to recover and rest.

Think and solve creative problems
When the child’s imagination has already been pumped, he can occupy himself for a long time on his own and ordinary role-playing games are no longer so captivating, you can move on to the next level – solving open creative problems. That is, those in which there is no specific solution algorithm, one correct answer.

For starters, you can practice on fairy tales. For example, think about what else Kolobok could do to avoid running away from home? How else can you get a turnip out of the ground? So the child will understand that the solution to the situation depends on resources and desire, and will begin to focus on the final result.

Parents at this stage help not only to fantasize, but to connect ideas with reality and evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed solution. Gradually, training will become more social in nature: how to quickly do homework or build a gift for a friend from improvised means.