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Kinetic learner

Kinetic learner

Many people, after reading Kinetic learner the title of this article, may think it is a joke. Fortunately it is not. It is more than realistic to go abroad to study without knowing foreign languages. However, before entering a university, the language must be learned. But first things first. In this article, I will try to reveal the possibilities of studying abroad for Russians without knowledge of foreign languages. Of course, the volume of one article does not allow us to reveal all the features of educational systems in all countries, so let’s focus on the most popular ones.

Germany is undoubtedly the driving force of the European Union, the leading country in Europe and this is largely explains its popularity among Russian applicants. Moreover, in 2006, the immigration law in Germany was changed, according to which foreign graduates from German universities have excellent prospects of staying in Germany.

So, after a small digression, let’s return to the topic of the article, how to enter a German university without knowledge of foreign languages? The scheme is actually very simple, but before we make it public, let’s make a small step aside and tell you about the educational institutions that exist in Germany.

higher education institutions. Comments are unnecessary. Tuition fees usually do not exceed 600 euros per semester.

Language schools. There are a huge number. The cost of tuition can range from 180 euros per month at an intensity of 20 hours per week, up to 2-3 thousand. There are usually no requirements for applicants, everyone can study.Preparatory departments of universities. In fact this is a language school, but public and with more favorable rates up to 600 euros for one semester of study. There are also free sections. Requirements for applicants vary from institution to institution, usually requiring knowledge of German at least at the level of A2.

Kinetic learner

Studienkolleg. An institution for foreign applicants who don’t have a sufficient level of education to enter a German university right away. It can be said that this is an analogue of the 11th grade of the Russian school for foreign applicants, although this comparison is not entirely accurate.

So you do not know the language? In this case your admission will be carried out according to the following scheme:

Stage 1. Language School. At the courses you will have to learn 4-6 months, depending on ability. The cost of the courses as I wrote above from 180 euros per month of study. The cost dyscalculia assessment of living in a hostel also from 180 euros per month.

Stage 2. The language can be continued in a language school and then, but after reaching the level of A2 to enter the preparatory department of the university. In this case, you training will be a little cheaper. The duration of the preparatory department of higher education in Germany is 1 semester.

Stage 3. UNIVERSITY. After you have mastered the language you will enter the university. During the admission procedure you do not take any exams, only the language test.

This program is called Universell, and was developed by Dmitry Sapozhnikov, a specialist from StudentTour company.

According to the experience of Studentur specialists most Russians go to study abroad without knowledge of foreign languages, i.e. to attend preliminary language courses.

This program appeared on the market relatively recently. The program is unique in its kind. In order. In the program you go to Slovakia for short-term language courses that begin in summer, and already in autumn you start your studies in the university, at the same time you are learning the language. The Slovak language has a lot in common with Russian, so you will have the basis for your studies. Thus, you can study in Slovakia without losing a year to learn the language, which is not possible in most other countries.

The admission process is similar to the German program, also everything is done through the language schools. Starts preparatory Hungarian language courses on February 1, the courses continue until the end of August. They cost 1600-1700 euros for the entire period of training. After completion of the course the applicant is admitted to the university, the admission process is not complicated, one might say guaranteed.

Known mainly for the opportunity to study for free, subject to study in the Czech language. The entry process is similar to the Hungarian program, but with significant differences, namely the duration of preparatory courses and their cost is much higher. Thus, if in Hungary, a preparatory course costs less than 2000 euros, the most famous language courses in the Czech Republic at Charles University are about 5000 euros. In the same way as in the other countries everyone is accepted for these courses – pay for the studies – get an invitation for submission to the embassy.