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Math games for 1st grade

Math games for 1st grade

Math games for 1st grade person have a higher education for? If he or she has dreamed of becoming a doctor or a teacher, a journalist or a lawyer since childhood, he or she cannot make a career without long and thoughtful systematic study. And in other cases?

In Soviet times, they tried to give higher education to children for various reasons:

“Not worse than everybody else” – my daughter studies at institutes with all her friends, and mine will go there too. And don’t let her want to be a tailor or a draughtswoman, how cute she will become an engineer of light industry or an architect!
“The army cries for you” is a more serious argument. In the Union republics, they knew well what the Soviet Army was, how difficult it was for “katso”, “hook” and “piano”, especially if they didn’t speak Russian well. The guys were shoved into institutions with a military department so that they wouldn’t serve in the army afterwards. Then he would work as a salesman or butcher, the main thing is that he wouldn’t be threatened by the army.
“For asterisks” – the police were trained by correspondence to obtain the officer’s title. As a rule, they went to humanitarian universities, where there was no need to solve problems. They hired an excellent student for twenty to prepare for the session or at least write a test paper.
Thousands of fates were broken about the intransigence of parents: “Either you go to the medical school – or I do not want to know you. And the doctors who hated the patients sat at the reception in the polyclinics, taught the music of the conservatory graduate, hated the what are verbs children who couldn’t stand it, sat for hours in the research institute those who were taken from the kind of drawings.

Math games for 1st grade

Perestroika gave many people the opportunity to realize what they had only dreamed of before. The girlfriend retired at the age of 55, threw away her doctor’s robe and stethoscope with delight, bought two rolls of fabric and finishing materials – and opened a workshop for women’s clothing. Real masterpieces came out from under her hands, no blouse repeated the other, skirts sat on women like second leather, dresses for brides were charming. It turns out that she loved sewing very much – she graduated from sewing courses back in her school years, but her parents-surgeons pressed her – and became a doctor, and she was incredibly afraid of blood and chose a quiet specialty of rheumatologist. And at her new job she blossomed, got 10 years younger, and her eyes shone. This is what it means to find yourself!

My neighbor, a construction engineer, left to sew shoes. His father, a cool shoemaker, taught him how to sew and model shoes, but after school he went to the Polytechnic Institute: “I can afford it – so that my children do not hump in a shoe booth! Perestroika, when many research institutes closed, allowed his son to start with a penny income – and in four years to become the owner of a large shoe store and four (!) branded stores “Vlad Shuz” (“Shoes from Vlad”).

Life in our family set up a full-scale experiment, leaving us to live in another country. At first it was not a choice at all – what kind of work there is, such a job was taken, then my husband went on a course of programmers, and my wife opened a bookstore, where no one cares about her diplomas. Both of them succeeded – husband, who had nothing to do in the profession without higher education, and wife, who graduated from the new place only with courses on product sales. Both are busy doing what they like, both are happy, and both make a good living.

Two daughters have grown up. The older one decided that she wanted to be an elementary school teacher. Graduated from the university, as a second specialty she mastered English. The initial teacher’s rate, translated into dollars, is a little over one and a half thousand. I am satisfied with my work, and I take additional courses to get bonuses to my salary. She loves children and believes that her schedule is ideal for spending more time with a child.

The youngest one at school had a hard time studying and was distracted often. She was easily given only languages and drawing and drawing. After school she went to college, got a web-designer specialty, which is very popular, but does not give a bachelor’s degree. She found a job at once, her creativity in website design was noticed by her bosses. She earns about two thousand dollars, she tells us about her work. She laughs at her parents’ cautious questions, saying that you do not want to study further: “I adore what I am doing now! And I do not need a university! Do I earn less than my sister with a diploma? Or do I have a worse job than her?” No, not worse – she prepares materials for the site of one of the largest newspapers in the country, makes out invitation tickets for weddings to all friends, plans to open a private business in due course.

And Mom and Dad, seeing that both daughters have chosen their professions to their liking, are quite satisfied with it.

Which university did Pushkin graduate to write his beautiful poems? Wasn’t Luciano Pavarotti, who couldn’t read notes, who remembered all his arias from his ears, a wonderful singer? The great artist Innokenty Smoktunovsky was taken to the theater “for pants”, after the war, there was an acute shortage of male actors, he never studied acting at university. Einstein was one of the weakest pupils in the school.