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Preparation for school

Do not put off preparing your children for school and months of the year until the age of six. It involves not only teaching reading, writing and the basics of mathematics, but also the development of thinking, imagination, and our tasks include increasing interest in learning.

Do you want your child to go to school with joy? So that he does not fear the new environment and the people around him? In this case, you need to prepare him for school in advance. This is especially true for those children who did not go to nurseries and kindergartens, their new environment causes severe stress, it can negatively affect the attitude towards learning, which will lead to subsequent academic failure.

What is the best age to start preparing for school?
The mistake of some parents is that when their child turns 6, they understand that in a year he will go to school, and suddenly rush to prepare him. Parents teach the child to write, read, make him work hard and hard. But what does this approach lead to? The kid perceives school as something difficult, uninteresting, he has no motivation to learn from the very beginning.

Experts recommend starting preparation for school at the age of 3-4 years. This makes it possible to do everything slowly so that the baby is comfortable. In 3-4 years the child will learn everything necessary, get used to communicating with other children and adults, and when he is 7 years old, he will be ready to go to the first grade.

But if your child is 6 years old, this does not mean that it is too late to send him to school preparation classes.

Do not think that preparation for school takes place in the form of classic school lessons. All lessons are performed in the form of games – this approach allows you to make the learning process interesting for the child, he does not get tired in the classroom and takes part in the process with pleasure. Obviously, if classes are a joy, then the effect of them will be much higher.

Another popular misconception of parents of preschoolers is that children at the age of 6 should be able to read, write, know the names of colors and cause and effect meaning, and so on, that is, have specific skills. Of course, there are requirements for what the child should be able to do. But this does not mean at all that you need to teach the child everything necessary, and this is the end of the work.

It is much more important to prepare the child for learning, instill an interest in learning, teach him how to think, absorb new knowledge and get to know the world around him. In the classroom, children learn to speak correctly, teachers work to develop their memory, imagination and thinking, engage in their speech. If in the early stages the child has problems with speech, then classes with a speech therapist will help correct them just in time for the beginning of school.

Children begin to learn to read and write, in a playful way, teachers work on their fine motor skills. The first ideas about numbers and mathematics are given.

At school, the kid will be in a new team, so that he adapts, it is important to have communication skills. Classes at the Center are held in small groups in which the child will feel comfortable. In a playful way, he will communicate with other children, teachers, gradually getting used to being in society.

Preparing for school will help your child quickly get used to a new place and strangers, and will also show that studying at school can be interesting and exciting.