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SHSAT Test Prep at its Best!

At Five Points Learning, we rigorously screen our SHSAT instructors
At Five Points Learning, we rigorously screen our SHSAT instructors

Finding a great SHSAT instructor can be tough. There are many things to consider when choosing an SHSAT instructor. For example, does the SHSAT instructor really know SHSAT? Does the SHSAT instructor know how to teach and explain SHSAT concepts in an easy to understand way? Will I get along with the SHSAT instructor? Shsat online course represent a large-scale preparation for the main exams.

At Five Points Learning, we rigorously screen our SHSAT instructors to make sure they are SHSAT subject matter experts. Most of our SHSAT instructors hold advanced degrees and have numerous years of teaching experience. We provide our expert SHSAT instructors with comprehensive training in our methods and provide them with ongoing support and professional feedback. This is all to ensure that our SHSAT instructors remain best-in-class and that your student receives the best SHSAT test prep available.

We Offer Individualized SHSAT Learning

Our detailed SHSAT Test Prep score reports enable students to individualize their learning by revealing the exact areas they should target in order to maximize their SHSAT test scores.

After each SHSAT practice test, students will receive an SHSAT practice test report that shows responses for each question and whether questions were answered correctly or incorrectly. If questions were answered incorrectly, correct answers are provided on the score report.

Reports also show student progress and performance by concept area. This specific identification of strengths and weaknesses enables students to target their studies and prepare more efficiently. Study smarter, not harder.

We are SHSAT Content & Curriculum Experts

We have UPDATED our SHSAT test prep curriculum to include all the changes to the NEW SHSAT.

Our proprietary SHSAT test prep curriculum and SHSAT test prep materials are rigorously researched and tested to help students achieve their highest scores. Through our comprehensive 532-page lesson book, students learn critical strategies and practice close to 1,000 practice problems to master the skills and content needed to succeed on the SHSAT. To enable all students to benefit from our expertise, we have also published and made available to the public, the following SHSAT test prep books to help students prepare for the Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT). Shsat online course help your children pass all relevant exams.