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Simple yoga exercises to prepare for Sirshasana

Extended triangle pose yoga
Stand up straight, move your feet apart from each other by about 100 centimeters. Raise your arms to shoulder level and stretch out to the sides. Turn your palms down. Fully turn your right foot to the right and lean to the same side. While bending over, keep your arms extended at shoulder level. Bending over, place your right hand on your right ankle or on the instep of your foot. If your level of flexibility allows, place your hand on the floor behind your foot. Turn your head and look at the palm of your left hand. This arm should be extended towards the ceiling. Stay in the asana. Then come out of it and repeat the exercise on the other side. It is advisable to do 2 repetitions to the right and left. This asana strengthens the muscles of the arms, legs, abs, develops coordination of movements and a sense of balance, trains stabilizing muscles.

Lean forward with straight legs from a standing position.
Place your feet next to each other, lower your arms at your sides, straighten up. Do not tense your muscles, relax. Perform a gentle lean forward. Keep your back and legs straight. Place your palms on the front of your shins or on your ankles. With good flexibility, you can try to put your palms on the floor. Stay like this for a while. Straighten up. Repeat. With this yoga exercise, you can strengthen the muscles of the press, buttocks, legs and muscles that perform a stabilizing function.

Tilt towards the floor.
Starting position, as in the previous exercise. Tighten your abdominal muscles and lean forward, stretching your arms down. Touch your fingers to the surface of the floor about fifty centimeters from your feet. Bend your knees a little. Do the exercise 2 times. Such slopes well strengthen the muscles of the shoulders, abdomen, back, buttocks.

Hero Pose III.
Start from the starting position, as in the previous two exercises: legs together, arms down, back straight. Then gently tilt the body forward, at the same time lift and stretch back one leg. The raised leg, body and head should be extended in one horizontal line. Place the upper limbs on the thigh of the supporting leg or lift and straighten, placing them on the same level with the head, body and raised leg. Do not bend the knee of the supporting leg. Exit the rack. Do the next repetition by lifting the other leg up. This yoga pose strengthens the knees, lower back, stabilizing muscles, legs, and abs.

Dolphin pose I.
Get on all fours. Stretch your forearms on the floor, placing them parallel to each other and apart shoulder-width apart. Spread your feet to the width of the pelvis. Lower your head, take your knees up and stand on your toes. Raise your hips and buttocks high, straighten your knees, align your body and stretch your tailbone up. The pose resembles a triangle: the pelvis forms the top, the feet and forearms are on the floor. If it’s hard to keep your knees straight, bend them slightly. In the future, you need to fully straighten your legs and lower your heels to the floor in order to properly stretch the back of the thigh. The dolphin pose is good for strengthening the shoulders and back, especially the upper spine. It stretches the hamstrings and hamstrings, and strengthens the muscles in the arms and torso.

Dolphin Pose II.
Get on all fours. Lower your forearms to the floor, connect your hands. Spread your feet and knees to the width of the pelvis. The hips should be vertical. Lower your head and lift your knees and hips with a vigorous movement. Put one foot on the toe, and stretch the other so that it continues the line of the back. After coming out of the asana, rest a little. Repeating the exercise, lift the other leg.