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The most common parenting misconceptions

“Learn simplifying ratios worksheet at school!” Yes, of course, in the first grade, the child will be taught to write, read and count. And it’s not worth doing subject preparation for school. But going to the other extreme and completely neglecting preparation is not the point. In order for the child to feel confident in the first school days, it is worth paying attention to organizational issues and the learning process itself. Indeed, for children, a lot of school life is a curiosity. For example, a simple teacher’s task “Open a notebook and write” can puzzle some yesterday’s preschoolers in earnest. They open the notebook in the middle and start writing down the center of the page. But if the child had been explained in advance, even at the stage of preparation for school, what a notebook is, how to work in it correctly, unfortunate misunderstandings could have been avoided. There are a lot of such trifles, sometimes not obvious to parents, in preschool education. Taking care of the child at the preparatory stage will help maintain interest in learning, give an incentive to study with passion, help to perceive the school, teachers and the process as a whole positively.
“There is no time for jokes and fun questions to ask kids at school!” Presenting the school years as a new, important and interesting stage, some parents are too serious and focus on the difficulties that await the first grader. All this can scare the child. Talking about what awaits him in the first grade, it is better to emphasize not the difficulties (they say, the school is not a kindergarten for you), but the positive, bright sides of school life. It is very important for a child to feel supported and safe, this will make the adaptation to the first class smoother and easier.
“You should study only for five!” Estimates are also not a reason to intimidate, especially since they are not given in the first grade. Therefore, instead of statements like “Read more, otherwise there will be only deuces!”, “I will punish for deuces”, it’s better to pay the child’s attention to the learning process itself: “You will have different lessons”, “You will learn a lot of interesting things”, “Over time, there will be new friends”. It is very important to keep the child’s faith in their own strength.