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Third grade math practice online

Third grade math practice online

If those who sit at the computer for tens of hours a week, killing virtual monsters, are called “hardcore gamers”, then students obsessed with mass open online courses can be called “hardcore (hardened) students”.

About 100 students using Coursera, the largest provider of MOOCs (massive open online courses), have completed 20 or more courses. And more than 900 students have graduated from 10 or more courses, according to the company. This includes listening to Third grade math practice online several courses at the same time, watching video lectures and performing automatically evaluated tasks at an alarming rate in order to obtain as many certificates of non-recognition as possible.

Third grade math practice online

The term MOOCs is a kind of analogy of the world famous acronym video games MMOGs -massively multiplayer online games, which include cooperative games like World of Warcraft, which have millions of loyal players around the world. So maybe it’s no surprise that some MOOC students tend to ‘win’ as many certificates as possible, and treat online lectures as an exciting hobby that takes time to communicate with friends outside the home.

The author of the article asked questions to a small group of hardened MOOC students to find out what they chose this type of training for and what they learned.

One of the most controversial and discussed questions is: Do students in online courses receive the same amount of knowledge as in traditional forms of study?

This question is seriously puzzled by at least one hardened student. 51-year-old Jonathan Haber decided to forget his job at the publishing house for a year to complete a four-year higher education program in 1 year with the help of MOOCs and other free online materials.

At the same time, he talks about his success in his blog.

By June, Haber plans to take 16 online courses out of the 32, and in his opinion, as he watches the video and prepares assignments, he is getting the same amount of knowledge he received as a bachelor at Wesleyan University.

Rich Seiter says it’s possible to get the same amount of knowledge as in traditional forms of study, but it also requires optional tasks that most students don’t complete.

He also notes that the workload varies from course to course, as with traditional forms of study, and also confesses that he does a minimum amount of work on the course himself, and he believes the rest of the students do the same.