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Training courses and health groups


The first meditation studios and courses and became popular about 20 years ago. They allow you to get experienced “guides” in the ancient art, who know how to accelerate the progress of the benefits of thinking practice that improves human health.
Lesson prices for specialized courses are usually affordable. Most studios offer monthly or yearly subscriptions.
You can try different styles and practice with different teachers until you find what suits you best.
In addition, the studios have a specially allocated and optimally organized space for relaxation, which creates favorable conditions for quickly mastering the technique.


Group learning in courses is less personalized, often generalizing, because new people are constantly coming into the class who need to be taught the basics.
Relaxation techniques in the studios should be taught by trainers who are specially trained, who know how to “walk” students through mistakes and share experiences with them. But sometimes this is done by fitness trainers, yoga specialists, etc., who do not take into account many nuances and are not able to reveal to students all the possibilities of mental practice.