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What is meditation

Many people are familiar with the word, some have delved into the discipline and, and some have a superficial knowledge of what meditation is, but what is it really?

The word itself comes from the Latin and means “to contemplate,” “to contemplate mentally,” “to produce ideas.”

There are many meditation techniques. The practice of meditation usually requires adopting a certain body posture. Then one chooses a “key” – some method of entering the state. Most often, it is concentration.

As a rule, the object of concentration is the sensations inside the body, external objects, internal images, and, less often, emotions. Meditation can be combined with breathing exercises.

The main goal of the practice “meditation through concentration” is to merge with the chosen object, to dissolve the idea of the detached self (ego), to become oneself by one’s Nature.

As a result of regular practice, we learn not only mindfulness, but also the ability to see better the nature of our mind: the play of thoughts, emotions, mood changes, our own perception of the events around us.

Such a state greatly expands one’s abilities, making one more calm and stress-resistant, allowing one to find answers more quickly as to how to act in this or that situation.