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What meditation is for

Meditation is about gaining control of the mind in the midst of Mastering meditation allows you to be more conscious in your daily life as well. And one who is in control of one’s mind certainly lives more effectively. However, the practice of meditation can also bring about deeper changes in the process of personal transformation. The fact is that during the quieting of the mind (this occurs, of course, at higher levels of mastering meditation), the purification of the inner world occurs, in which the so-called samskaras, imprints of the mind, consequences of our past actions, surface and karma is accelerated, with the result that the expansion of consciousness occurs. Thus, meditation is a process of transformation of our personality through an accelerated working out of karma and a process of liberation from the clouding.

However, meditation will also be useful for our daily life. It increases concentration, attentiveness, focus, improves our memory in some way, increases awareness, and in general, one becomes more harmonious. Gaining control over one’s mind also means gaining control over one’s emotions, and as we know, it is through the emotions that the maximum loss of energy occurs. This is especially true of anger. Those who have learned to control their anger can save enormous amounts of energy, and this will definitely have an effect on the quality and efficiency of life: energy will appear to accomplish tasks that before seemed altogether unattainable.