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Why is it better for an introverted child to study online? introvert child at school

The traditional education system including is more adapted for extroverts. They are comfortable going to school every day, chatting with classmates and making new friends. But an introvert child in such an environment is often extremely uncomfortable to learn. He is disturbed by other children, noise and the inability to calmly analyze information and study objects at his own pace.

Fortunately, the emergence of online schools has revolutionized the education system, and now every child has the opportunity to study where it is convenient for him and maximize his talents in an environment that is comfortable for him.

Happy boy aged 8 reading an e-book using e-reader. The boy is sitting comfortably in armchair, Sunny day.
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We will talk about 4 reasons why it is better for an introverted child to study one-on-one with a teacher online.

1. You can be yourself
In order for a child to grow up decisive and confident, from childhood he should not be afraid to express himself in life and study: express his opinion, ask questions, enter into discussions, etc.

But for an introverted child, being the first to speak, raise your hand and answer at the blackboard is a real challenge.

Therefore, in a typical class with at least 25 children, almost all attention goes to extroverts and They are the first to answer and enjoy participating in class discussions, while calm children sit quietly and go unnoticed.

When a child is engaged one-on-one with a teacher, he does not need to worry that someone will interrupt him and will not let him finish his thought. He can calmly concentrate and answer any question, or ask the teacher if something is not clear. And also not to feel stress if something is not said or done.

2. Material is better absorbed
In ordinary schools, all children are taught at the same pace. But introverted children need a little more time to better understand the topic and understand the material. They like to dive into their own thoughts so that they can calmly think things over before answering.

Individual online lessons allow the teacher to work with each child at the pace at which he is comfortable. Therefore, the child is engaged with pleasure and assimilates the material well. And interactive homework helps to consolidate knowledge in a fun way in a playful way.

The result – the child receives positive emotions from the educational process, and the mother sees the result and progress in her child.

3. One-on-one communication helps the teacher to quickly find an approach to the child
Sometimes the teacher perceives the behavior of quiet children as a manifestation of inattention, disobedience or unwillingness to learn.

The individual format of online classes allows the child and the teacher to interact more productively. Communicating one on one, the teacher and the student get to know each other better and become friends. The child can receive support at any time and he develops confidence in the teacher. As a result, he becomes genuinely interested in the subject he is studying and achieves success in learning faster.

4. All energy is directed to study
It is very important for an introverted child to have his own space and in which he can relax and gain strength. Most often, his room becomes such a “place of power”. Therefore, if a child does not study at school, but in a comfortable environment, he gets less tired, and all his energy goes to gaining knowledge.

For example, some students of our school like to study Russian in their pillow houses, wigwams and even cardboard boxes, because it is more convenient for them and they learn the material better. And our teachers do not mind and support their beloved students in every possible way.