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Why kids don’t want to read

No matter how delicious chocolate cake is, there will be people who do not want to try it uncluding So it is with books. If your child or teenager does not like reading, then instilling love for him will not work (at least at this age). But besides personal preferences, there are objective reasons why children refuse to read:

There is no example. If in your family books gather dust on the far shelf, then how does the child know that reading can be fun? The lack of an example from parents also undermines the credibility of their words: mom and dad say that you need to read, but they don’t do it themselves.
Abundance of the Internet. Modern children have one problem atypical for the older generation – clip thinking. It is extremely difficult to draw their attention to small letters, and even without pictures. You need a powerful motivator to strain your convolutions, structure your thoughts and draw conclusions from what you read. But the Internet does not require such efforts: you launch a video on TikTok and enjoy it.
Boring reading program. If the book menu of a preschooler can be formed by a mother, then schoolchildren don’t really have a choice – like it or not, but they will have to read the books according to the program and But these collections are compiled in any way, but not taking into account the interests of modern children. By about the 9th grade, boring historical stories of 600 pages finally discourage children from reading anything.
There are no interesting books at home. At the word “literature” in the head of a child who does not have colorful and interesting books at home, the image of a weighty volume of “War and Peace” arises. His parents simply did not show him that the book world is very diverse, and absolutely anyone can find in it what he likes.