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Yoga and results

“How much yoga to get results?” – This is a question everyone has to answer for themselves.

However, there are statistics and the experience of a large number of previous generations, to ignore which would be at least silly.

What do you need to follow to get results in yoga?

1. The right attitude

First of all I would like to note the attitude towards this ancient system of self-improvement. Almost all schools say that if a person develops an attitude of respect towards the Knowledge and the people through whom it comes, then the advancement on this path is much faster.

The beginner practitioner to a certain extent gets rid of his limitations and various blocks with the help of such an attitude. It is no secret that all external problems originate first on the subtle mental or energetic levels.

2. Stability

Secondly, stability is very important, that is, not the number of sessions per week or approaches per day, but frequency in the long run. The prudent practitioner is like a sprinter-he or she develops a strategy and gradually builds momentum.

We generally recommend that beginners attend classes three times a week, so that they can gradually and effectively learn the techniques that open the door to development.

3: Detachment (Vairagya)

The third and very important condition for achieving results will be a state of easy detachment. Unfortunately, many modern teachers omit this component, and it is not always clear to the beginner how to achieve it.

In ancient texts there is such a notion as vairagya – renunciation of worldly vanity and all attachments.

Summarizing the above, all practitioners should move away from the idea of “action-result” and begin painstaking and quiet work on themselves.

Action without expectation of self-serving results is one of the goals that all adequate schools of yoga try to achieve and cultivate.

The paradox is that as soon as one gets to this level, changes are sure to come into one’s life and bring incomparable joy!

With each new asana mastered or deepened, you will notice progress and results on all levels of being available to man, including the improvement in your health.