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How to quickly calm a screaming child and stop his tantrum?

From our article you will learn what methods will help to quickly calm the baby and find out the cause of his tantrum.

– What should parents do? Read

* In order not to aggravate the situation and continue the child’s hysteria, the parent needs to pull himself together and squat down in front of the baby to be at the level of his eyes.

* First, hug the child and hold him close to you so that the baby understands that you love him in any circumstances. In support of your actions, say about it with the words: “Baby, I love you very much and I understand that you are very upset. Tell me, please, why are you so offended.

* Let the child tell you about his offense, and you listen carefully, try not to argue with him to give him time to calm down. Deal with the incident, you will be at home and without unnecessary witnesses. By the time you get home, you will be able to analyze the whole situation and your possible mistakes.

– Try to always find the cause of a child’s tantrum.

* The reason for the tantrum in the store may be your reluctance to buy a toy or sweets or read Remember, maybe you promised the baby some kind of present the day before, then you need to apologize to the child and, at the first opportunity, fulfill the promise.

* If a child is used to getting his own way with hysteria, then before each trip to the store, you need to have a conversation, reminding him that if he screams, then next time he will not go to the store.

* You can agree in advance on a certain purchase for him, so that he would count on this particular toy or sweet. And try to bypass the children’s department if buying toys is not in your plans.