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Yoga for asthmatics

Asthma is a chronic disease of the respiratory organs, which for many has remained incurable. Not surprisingly, patients with this diagnosis are interested in alternative treatments. Official medicine can save lives and even improve health, but sometimes it is not able to return it completely.

Can yoga help asthmatics?
Before telling how yoga is useful for asthma patients, you should start from the beginning and learn about the features of the lymphatic system. Then much will become clearer, and alternative methods of treatment will no longer seem like something extravagant. Through the lymph, toxins are removed from the intercellular substance, but the main composition of its fluid is the same as that of blood serum without red blood cells (erythrocytes).

Lymph stasis can occur due to a passive lifestyle or for reasons of strong nervous experiences. Lymph exits through the mucous membranes, skin and lungs. When stagnation occurs in one of the internal organs, the infection from the lymph has no way out, and pathogenic organisms begin to affect the internal organs and systems.

What does official medicine do for inflammation? Doctors prescribe antibiotics to stop the infection, and in extreme cases, surgery may be recommended. But these processes are nothing more than a reaction to the fact that happened, and not work with the causes. And only physical exercises, for example, yoga classes for asthma, can make the lymphatic fluid circulate more dynamically.

How effective is yoga for asthma?
With the development of medicine, approaches to the treatment of complex diseases are changing. So, now they are actively beginning to study patients with asthma, developing new methods of treatment and rehabilitation. Special attention in the elimination and alleviation of the symptoms of this disease is given to yoga.

Yoga therapy for asthma is a training that includes exercises and techniques to normalize breathing:

respiratory muscle training
rhythmic mobilization;
relaxation (relaxation techniques);
increased endurance;
forced exhalation.
With bronchial asthma, it is difficult to exhale due to the narrowing of the channels. Therefore, active sports for such a patient should be excluded. The mucous membrane of the lung can be easily damaged by edema, the muscular layer of the bronchial wall undergoes spasms. A chronically diseased organ accumulates infections, as it does not function at full strength.

Soft and slow movements of yoga allow you to gently increase the dynamics of the lymph, which helps to eliminate fluid stagnation and more rapid elimination of toxins. Yoga classes involve the performance of certain strength exercises, static postures that allow you to normalize the work of not only the respiratory system, but also all internal organs as a whole.

The longer asthma lasts, the more difficult it is for a sick person to control it: over time, attacks can become more frequent, they increase in time, become more serious. In addition, a connection is suggested between this diagnosis and the patient’s psychological conflicts. The practice of yoga aims to eliminate muscle spasms and stabilize the emotional state of a person.