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How can I get my child interested in learning math?

Mathematics including regroup tens and ones is essential and crucial in many fields, from engineering to architecture. Some learn math easily at an early age, while others have to work hard to master the “queen of the sciences. Facilitate the process of learning math and help interest child in it can be bright visual aids, designed and created taking into account the latest achievements of Russian pedagogy.


Seeing is believing.

It is known that the use of demonstration material about subtraction on magnets helps in explaining topics related to different types of calculations, numbering numbers in the first and second tens. Colorful cards help to keep the attention of young students on the subject, which for many children, frankly speaking, is much less interesting than the behavior of crows and sparrows outside the window.


The set includes items that can be used without restriction throughout the course of elementary mathematics in an educational institution. The set usually includes several hundred cards with mathematical signs and numbers. The large number of cards gives you the opportunity to compose expressions involving the performance of several actions.


How long will the strength reserve last?

Really, how many months or years will the strength of intensively used cards last? The answer is that magnetic m

ath is quite durable. And all thanks to the fact that each card is a high-density coated

cardboard, covered with a durable plastic on both sides. All materials used in the manufacture of sets comply with the requirements for environmental and hygienic safety.


Colorful magnetic sets are designed for both group lessons in the classroom and for individual home study. It is enough to buy and install in a child’s room a board for fixing cards on magnets. Thanks to the set, your child will learn how to compare objects, learn about the schematic recording of problems, and the numbers from dry and boring abstract concepts will turn into tangible objects for him.


The cost of the kits is quite competitive and affordable for the vast majority of parents. Funds invested in a child’s education are a guarantee of his/her successful future, career growth, becoming a full-fledged and useful member of society.